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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

It's so good to be back!

So I have finally returned from my travels. Life is great. The plane rides were long, but all in all, you can't beat meeting up with the family you haven't seen in six years.

Crazy things happen while you're away though. Recently a friend of mine, we'll call her Elizabeth, was in a freak accident. She was driving along Main street (a one way, two-lane street) on her motorcycle when a car cut across both lanes to find a good parking place. In the process the driver of the car gave Elizabeth just enough time to respond by hitting her front break, which helped because when Elizabeth's motorcycle hit the car, the forward motion propelled her over the car and on to the ground. Can we say "near death experience"? If Elizabeth hadn't flipped over the car, she would have broken her neck slamming into the car. But luckily she walked away from the accident with only a few bruises.

It makes you think. See, Elizabeth is my age, which contrary to popular belief, is not that old. It certainly makes me stop and think about how unimportant we are in the grand scheme of things. And believe you me, we are insignificant. Luckily though, if we know God, we find an all-powerful being who finds us and cares for us in the midst of our insignificance. With out him we are left to the random lane crossers of this world. With him we overcome tragic accidents.


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