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Having mastered the University of Montana's IYFD program, I journeyed to Peru with the US Peace Corps. Currently, I'm discovering Peru while living in the gorgeous Andes mountains in beautiful Ancash. Come visit!

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Goin' Away

Well, I'm leaving for a few weeks, so this will be my last post in awhile. In fact, the reason I haven't posted in awhile is because I've been so busy with preparations, etc. And I'll be honest, my Bible has sadly been neglected. In truth, I read Psalm 119 recently and just kept asking God, what is so great about the word? I know that seems like a silly question, but sometimes the word doesn't come across as the greatest. Yet, I'm discovering during this time that word proves itself when we take the time to encounter it, and truly encounter. Dive in, and see what it's all about.

So why'll I'm away for the next few weeks, let's check it out together. What do you say?


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