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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Lightning Rod

Here's an e-mail from a friend that I thought would help others.

A lighting rod is used to protect something from the effects of being hit by lightning. Many people think a lightning rod attracts the lightning but in reality it does not so much do that as provide a way for the lightning to safely conduct to the ground where it will not harm something. In the Midwest lightning rods are used on buildings and while it is the building that is actually attracting the lightning because of its size the rod is place on the top of the building and is now the highest point and it will most likely become the target of the massive heat and energy from the strike.

When you are standing out in the world and preaching the word of God in such a way the amount of spiritual attacks you will be subjected to will increase. Simply being a Christian will attract the lighting in the first place, much like the building does, but when you are so passionate about your love of Jesus, you make yourself the highest thing around and you attract the massive heat and energy of the lighting (The lightning can be seen as spiritual attacks from Satan, the prince of the air). And in so doing you are taking the brunt of the strike and others who are not strong enough are able to withstand the lighting strike as well.

It is meant as high praise to be called such a thing! I know that the higher you are the more intense the strikes will become and so I pray for you. I pray for you to be strong. I pray that you are able to see that you need to fall upon the grace of God. Remember, even as a lightning rod is grounded into the earth where the energy it is hit with will be safely absorbed so must you be rooted in our Lord.

Thanks J.


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