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Having mastered the University of Montana's IYFD program, I journeyed to Peru with the US Peace Corps. Currently, I'm discovering Peru while living in the gorgeous Andes mountains in beautiful Ancash. Come visit!

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

New Day New Adventure

I'm a commitment-phobe. If you know me very well, this might not be a new revelation. I've certainly never committed to the same brand of shampoo, nor have I committed to staying in one location longer than my current job contract. And I've struggled for years to last longer in a dating relationship than, oh, say, three weeks. Imagine how difficult it was for me to get the nerve up to commit to writing in a blog on a regular basis. I almost signed up twice before I effectively did. Here I am. Writing about goodness knows what to goodness knows who. Even now as I type this, I worry about my availability and what my work schedule will look like, which is silly, this is my blog - I'll write in it when I want. Who cares when. A brand new day with a brand new adventure. I'm up for just about anything. Maybe today I'll choose forever Pert Plus or Pantene Pro-V. And then again...maybe not.


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