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Monday, March 14, 2005

Krusty in Christ

It's an old joke between my roommate and me, but when we first became roommates almost five years ago, we had an hour long conversation made from completely random statements. It went something like this.

"Did I ever tell you I could make fried rice?"

"I like puddin' pops."

"We should make leaf angels."

"Have you ever felt krusty in Christ?"

But our conversation was a lot longer than that. It stopped at the mention of being krusty in Christ. I'm not sure what the look on my face said, but I'm pretty sure it was a sight to see. We busted up. We laughed so hard for so long. Yet, the truth is I think we feel krusty in Christ more often then we'd like to admit.

I certainly felt that way yesterday. You know the feeling, where you just can't do it anymore. The feeling or lack of feeling that makes you give up hope. And you admonish God for sending such a perfect sacrifice for such a screwed up person. That's how I felt yesterday. So I started a new book (go figure - me read a book). It's called Becoming a Vessel God Can Use by Donna Partow. And it is really good. Here's a snipet:

"When I became a Christian," she writes, "I had very clear ideas about what my gifts were and how I could be useful to God. My attitude was: God has done so much for me, I want to do things for him in return. Now everybody stand back and watch me work. Unfortunately, my focus was on me and the great things I was going to accomplish for God, rather than on God and the great things he wanted to accomplish through me. Understanding the difference between those two approaches to ministry [will make all the difference in your life and ministry]."

I really identified with this quote this morning. I've been runnin' on my own strength for too long. It's time to get back to the heart of things, and talk to God. Let him take control.


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