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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Answers to Prayer

Have you ever just needed to see God in the tangible? I do right now...So I want to hear how God is answering prayers in each of your lives. If you are willing (and you can post anonymously) will you share how God is working and listening to you when you need to conference with him? I would love to hear praises of The Mysterious Eminence from his working in each of your lives.

I'll start:

Lately, I've been a little "blue." I've felt very unloved, but sitting in church one day I could kind of hear God laughing. Obviously, no one else heard this little chuckle, but I did. And I felt him just say to me, "You think that I don't love you...Look around...Think about it. You have all of these people who want to listen to you and care about your day-to-day happenings." I probably started to cry, because I realized just how bratty I was acting, but God took it in stride. His grace is sufficient for me.